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The Void Club Naruto

The Void Club Naruto

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Set in the world of Naruto you are a Master martial artist and sex master too. Use the dialogue cues and your disciple Sylvia explore the village to find new followers who would want to learn and experience lovemaking with him. You come in the guise as a Liqueur Merchant seeking out village hotties. One of the first scenes Sylvia brings you a busty brunette. You take her into a little hut and immediately undress her, and bend her legs back like a pretzel and slip in your cock into her wet pussy while squeezing her huge tits. This is a very in-depth game and she just one of lots lovelies to find and conquer. The drawings are incredible and highly detail, sure to get a rouse out of you as you stroke it to all the ninja girls.

Date Added: 2020-11-01

Category: Hentai

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