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If you like your anime stories with porn dashed in to spice things up. Shuggerlain is the interactive hentai anime for you. The main character is Nulkan, a captain of one of the cities of his nation: Ashtera. Some of the lands inhabitants are humans, others are furries, and others neither humans nor furries. In this demo Nulkan will finally run into Dyne one of his fellow warriors. She hot and blue-haired and has a crush on Nulkan. Nulkan takes advantage of the heat of war and makes his move on Nulkan. She gives Nulkan and he lifts her on top and down on his human spear and starts slamming hips. Then finishing with her on her back and squirting a load up her belly and on her beautiful tits. The battles, drama, and sex continue in this Tale of Magical nations.

Date Added: 2021-02-10

Category: Hentai

Played 1574 times