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Sexual Test

Sexual Test


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You're a dude who finds yourself in some kind of coma in a hospital. You wake up to have a super hot sexy nurse half-naked leaning across you, sucking on the head of your dick and giving you a soul erecting blow job where each one of her massive tits weighs on each side of your shaft. Use the buttons at the top to increase your pleasure and change up the action. Make her fondle your balls and suck deep on your cock. You can also mix it up by having the slutty nurse do a little bit of tiny fucking too. Pump her hard than shoot a load all over her to move on to the next stage of her riding you reverse cowgirl style. She reaches down between her legs rubbing your cock against her clit before sliding your massive member in riding it until you push that cum button for pussy blowing release.

Date Added: 2020-05-11

Category: Hentai

Played 827 times