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Into The Forest 4

Into The Forest 4

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We begin Chapter 4 of this awesome hentai game with Egel and his sister Vera exploring the forbidden west wing of the mansion. The first room was a beautiful bedroom. They figured this was the ghost Lady June's room so they got the heck out! The second room had still warm tea and cookies. They each ate one and left. As the entered the third room the candles lit by themselves and there was a crystal ball in the room. Suddenly Ludara Sarcis appeared. A sexy powerful sorcerer. She says that she has been waiting for him but called him Carlis just like the ghost! She led them to the crystal ball. Suddenly the ghost appeared and Egel ate her pussy until she had an orgasm then fucked her doggy style but he woke up from the trance and had cum in his pants. It was not real. Egel met up with his sister and she was spread waiting. He licked her cunt good until orgasm. She admitted to him she loved him. He loved her too. Later Egil dreamed of fucking Ludy the scorceress. He went to visit her and she revealed that she is really July Sarcis the twin of Lady June! A lot of fun sex in this chapter!

Date Added: 2020-04-26

Category: Hentai

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