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Erotic Justice V1.62

Erotic Justice V1.62

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Blair Tumbles visited the Maid's Birthday club and was found dead 45 minutes later. The Maid's Birthday club is of course the famous brothel. Max is out on the beat and has taken the call to investigate this mystery. Fizz is there with him also eager to help. She starts off by sucking his cock. That is always helpful. Max is off to interview the ladies at the brothel to find the cause of death. Some of these ladies turn out to be Futa so there is going to be some hot fucking of some sexy Futa ass. And most Futa have the cock sucking fetish, there is going to be some swallowing of cum by these ladies. Fizz is always helpful and offers up her pussy between interviews to keep Max fresh and on his toes.

Date Added: 2020-10-15

Category: Cartoons

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